Wireless vs Wired Mouse For Gaming: Pros and Cons

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Deciding between a wireless vs wired mouse can be a bit of a tough decision. There’s no question that gamer can’t just pick one on a whim. A good gaming mouse can offer better performance and durability, adjustable sensitivity, as well as adjustable buttons. But, here comes the age old question – should you choose a wireless mouse vs wired mouse for gaming.

It’s a question that has been asked for decades by consumers who are struggling to decide whether or not benefits of wireless technology actually outweigh a wired one. Before, it was somewhat easier to decide because to some extent wired mice were better quality than wireless mice for gaming.

Overtime, however, both wireless mice and wired mice have upped their game and have kept on improving their quality. So, the question still stands. Which is better for gaming – wireless vs wired mice?

Wireless vs Wired Mouse: Understanding The Difference
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Wireless vs Wired Mouse: Understanding The Difference 

The main difference is actually pretty straight forward – one has a cable and the other doesn’t. However, there are actually many more factors that separate the two technologies. People who are new to gaming might not be aware of the more intricate differences.

  • Cheaper
  • Fast Response Time
  • No Interference
  • Maximum Power Output
  • Better for Gaming
  • Cable Mess
  • Bungees
  • Cable Length

Wired Mouse

Wired mouse or wired mice have been found to still be more popular in most gaming circles than wireless mouse. This is because wired mouse tend to be more reliable and practical. So here some reasons of why people still using wired mouse:

It’s usually much cheaper

Looking for a cheaper option? Then a wired mouse is the way to go! Wired mice tend to cost less than wireless mice because they require less hardware to work. Keep in mind that the difference in price depends on how new the mouse is and what the make is. However, overtime, this might change as the advances in technology narrow down the differences. 

Faster response time

Never worry about delays with wired mice. Being connected directly to the computer allows it to have higher precision and speed than wireless mice. So, if you’re using the mice for activities that require speed (like gaming), it’s better to go with wired mice. 

Zero outside interference 

Using Bluetooth headphones while typing on a Bluetooth keyboard while also pointing to a Bluetooth mouse could cause some problems. Although Bluetooth is pretty good at avoiding interference, it doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. This is especially true with the ever expanding wireless devices in our lives. With wired mice, you’ll never have to worry about this!

Always has a maximum power output

Plan to work for hours on end without any interruption? Use a wired mouse! It eliminates the need to stop and charge. Thus, allowing you to study, work, or game as long as you want. 

Better for gaming 

Are you a gamer? Then the points mentioned above should be enough to make this point clear. Response time, interference, and power output can greatly affect your gaming experience. 

The reason why it tends to be better for gaming is because it’s simple to use. Basically, it’s just plug-and-play. Gaming tends to last for many hours, and with a wired mouse there’s no worrying about batteries or losing the wireless transmitter. Choose wisely!

The Cons of Wired Mouse 

And here some reasons why people don’t use a wired mouse:

Ugh, cables! 

The problem with wired mice is that the cable can be annoying at times. Imagine yourself in the heat of a game and you fail to move your mouse properly due to a tangled cable. Sounds like a gaming nightmare! Of course, you can always be tidy and keep your cables organised at all times to avoid this!


Mouse bungees are used to  help mitigate the snagging and dragging of a mouse cable on the desk. This is achieved by lifting the cable using an arm made from a spring. The bungee reduces the friction and drag from the cable on the surface of a desk.

Purchasing a bungee means adding to the total cost. However, you can always use wired mice without the bungee. 

Cable length 

The length of the cable also makes the wired mouse have a limited range. This means the length of the cable determines how far you can sit from your computer. If your set up makes you sit further away from your computer, then a wireless mouse is the better option.

Wireless Mouse 

Wireless mice were used less than wired mice for professional play, however the gap is quickly narrowing. Older wireless gaming mice tend to rely on bluetooth connection that reduces lag and connection issues. Modern gaming mice use the 2.4GHz frequency, which allows a significantly higher 1,000Hz polling rate.

  • Versatile
  • Clean and Tidy (No messy cable)
  • Very Travel Friendly
  • Higher Latency and Lag
  • Need Batteries
  • Expensive
  • Power Reliant


Wireless mice tend to be more versatile than wired mice. It allows you the flexibility to switch from one device to another, so long as it has Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, making it a more flexible option than wired mice. 

Clean look 

No cable means a set up that’s clean and tidy. If you’re not a fan of cable messes, then get a wireless mouse. Enjoy mess and tangle free gaming!

Travel friendly

Wireless mouse is obviously the one to take with you while travelling. It allows you to work in more flexible and unpredictable situations (provided you’ve brought a stock of batteries or kept it fully charged). 

And Here The Cons of Wireless Mouse

Of course because there is no cable connected to this mouse/mice, it’s also has a weakness, here are some circumstance of why people not using a wireless mouse: 

Higher latency or lag

If you need a fast and reliable mouse, then a wireless mouse probably isn’t the best choice. Wireless mouse tends to have higher latency or lag, thus imparting your work or gaming performance. 

Prone to interference

Interference is inevitable, especially with more and more wireless devices that require Bluetooth. If you’ve got plenty of wireless devices and feel like this might be an issue for you, then you should definitely opt for wired mice. 


Batteries add a little extra weight to the mouse’s design. Thus, making it a tad bit heavier than wired mice. However, the little extra weight shouldn’t be much of a problem as it’s not a huge difference in weight.


Newer technology, as with any device, generally costs more than old ones. So, it’s no surprise that wireless mice will cost more than wired mice. 

To really decide if the cost is worth it or not, check your budget and go through the pros and cons list once more. If you find that a wireless mouse will benefit you more in the long run, don’t be afraid to pay a little extra. 


Batteries also mean that it can run out of power at some point. So, if you plan to purchase a wireless mouse, keep in mind to stock batteries!


Wireless and Wired Mouse
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Ready to Get a New Mouse? 

Choosing a good mouse greatly depends on what you need. So, take time to think about whether or not cable mess would be a hassle for you. Or perhaps, battery life is an issue you don’t want to deal with. There’s no clear-cut answer as to which one is best. Base your final decision on what you need and your budget.

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