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Light of Throne ergonomic mouse is full of vitality, innovation, and has many health benefits with RGB color lighting. By changing the way you use your wrist and arms, you will effectively reduce pain and discomfort.

Most people get a “mouse hand” after a long time working with a computer or laptop, which is due to frequently twisting your forearm muscle with a traditional mouse holding gesture.

Light of Throne RGB Wireless Charging Mouse Mats

The Comfiest Grip

Move your hand as you please, this Vertical Mouse comes along with an ergonomic design that pampers your wrist for long time use. Provides hand health so that it avoids carpal tunnel syndrome because your hands are tired of using the mouse every single time.

Optical Sensor Technology

Equipped with optic technology, this optical mouse will speed up accuracy. A headstrong device that works well on various surfaces.

Light of Throne RGB Vertical Mouse
Light of Throne RGB Vertical Mouse

Highlight Your Motion

With RGB lighting chasing, it offers you a marvelous working experience. Promote the memory setting driver, all keys programmable, you can set the lighting effect modes and create any macro, just set and all the settings be stored. No more freaking out of the darkroom.

Conform RGB Lighting Modes

Find the switch in the bottom of the vertical mouse to turn ON/OFF the lights. The trim of the mouse features colorful RGB LEDs with a variety of color options. Select the colors that you prefer using our driver to customize your mouse to your own unique style.

Light of Throne RGB Wireless Charging Mouse Mats
Light of Throne RGB Vertical Mouse

A Total Comfort

Humanized wrist rest design, let your forearm and vertical mouse be a whole part and make your wrist lift from the ground, and rest on the comfy pad that protects you from friction when moving the mouse.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Vertical Mouse by Light of Throne has 5 adjustable sensitivity settings: 800-1200-1600-2400-4000 DPI, for you to speed up the motion or easily shift to the normal mode. Adapt to your daily need by the dotted switch at the bottom. Swift up to 4000 DPI to perform the fastest you can. 

Light of Throne RGB Vertical Mouse
Light of Throne RGB Vertical Mouse


As it is designed for your maximum comfort, the size is on your palm. Created 9.4 x 9.8 cm, and 14 x 9.8 cm with an anti-skid pad. 


Crafted by ABS material with working voltage 5V, and working current 165 mA. Pair with cable length approximately 160 cm and weight 310gr. Best perform with Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000, Linux, Mac OS X

Light of Throne RGB Vertical Mouse

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

As a product I would say it is probably about as good as you could expect it to be, but as a cure for the pain of using a mouse it works only about 70%.


I've ordered ergonomic vertical mouse of Light of Throne in the past couple of months. This is by far my favorite mouse!!! I purchased for both work and home, and also as a gift for a friend with carpal tunnel, wrist, numbness issues.


I'd throw a 5th star on this, but the buttons on the thumb-side have been a real challenge for me. I have larger-than-normal hands, but nothing crazy sized. This is also not my first vertical mouse. But it is my first vertical mouse with buttons on the either side of my thumb.


you haven't truly experienced your computer until you've clicked left and right vertically. THIS MOUSE IS QUIET!!! The scroll wheel sits in the middle of the left and right buttons. When l used the scroll wheel, it was accurate and precise. No more using your index finger up and down repeatedly wondering if you'll get finger burn! I couldn't believe it!


RGB vertical mouse of light of throne has definitely improved the repetitive strain problems I was having in my arm. I was getting to the stage that I could only use my old, normal mouse for about 20 minutes before my arm became very painful. Now I can work for a couple of hours, although I do still get some discomfort.

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