Highlight The Battle Field...

Unveiling you the glaring throne of lights for your battle field. Light of Throne delivers a full setup for a battle field of casual gamers to committed professionals, to perform at their very best. Feel the best sensation in online battles with our RGB lights installed on your devices as well as ergonomic mouse, wireless charging station, laptop cooling pad, and many more. 

We value innovativeness and will continue providing excellent customer service while creating colorful and safe products that succeed in making life easier. These is the different ways to elevate your PC gaming experience and add color to your life.

Light of Throne products are under management of Oui Smart that was founded in French, 2013. Oui Smart is a technology product company who designs, manufactures, and develops products to make our customer’s life easier. With the vision of being the best partner with our users and being the mindful company with our handy products in the heart and mind of our users. 

Oui Smart is committed to keep moving forward tirelessly with an unwavering focus on function and quality. We relentlessly build amazing products with affordable prices to let everyone enjoy an easier life through our innovative technology. 

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