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Light of Throne laptop cooling pad creates a continuous and evenly dispersed air flow beneath your laptop to dissipate the heat with 15 kinds of RGB sidelight, perfect for gaming and working.

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Feel Cool, Look Cool

Gamers work their laptops hard, and Light of Throne knows this and designed the product market in mind. RGB Laptop Cooling Pad by Light of Throne shaped with funky colour schemes and flashy RGB LED light. Dodge overheating that leads to reduced performance as the CPU throttles back its speed, or worst-case scenario - a system crash at exactly the wrong moment.

Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet

Super Heat Dissipation

Provide effective and equal heat dissipation for the vital corner of the laptop with zero noise. 

This gaming laptop cooling pad with triple oversized silent fans at 2000 rotation per minute pulls in cool air from the bottom of the laptop cooling pad. Laptop cooler to normal in less than a minute. 

Ultra Quiet Performance

Gear up with three high-speed cooling fans that run super quiet for gaming laptops. Delivering noiseless performance ensures a noise-free environment, surprisingly quiet at less than 20db. This won’t bother your esport-time.

Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet
Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet

Dual USB Port

Equipped with two ports USB 2.0 for the power source or to connect another port device and scroll wheel switch that turns fans. Featured a turn ON/OFF button for RGB light. Power switch design is so simple to use. No extra power connection needed. Set it up for absolute perfect companion gaming. 

Flashy RGB LED light

Provide a better gaming environment, this RGB Laptop Cooling Pad built-in RGB LED light that illuminates it while alive. Equip 7 kinds of RGB side light that turns your spot to the glam. Set your vibe either blinking, pulsing, streaming, or static lighting. 

Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet
Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet

Adjustable Design

Ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings. A laptop cooler with adjustable level design to lift and tilt your laptop display and keyboard for increased comfort and convenience. The most relaxing angle of inclination for the whole day offers the display and the neck and cervical spine protection to decrease the sub-health. Featured anti-skid baffle that you can set it when needed, hide it when not needed. 

Super Lightweight

Seems bulky but tiny. Size up 35 x 42 cm, making this laptop cooling pad super lightweight. This can be completely flat and put into your backpack or briefcase easily. 

Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet
Light of Throne RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Ultra Quiet

The Perfect Pair

A large metal mesh surface design to release airflow. Improving cooling effect that works best for laptops 14-18 inches. 

Customer Reviews

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It doesn't slip or move. I love the different RGB settings it has. Easily goes into my USB port. It is super quiet best of all, and it keeps my laptop cooler while gaming. I am really glad I found this one and got it! Been amazing so far!


I absolutely love the way it looks! Works really good! Keeps my laptop cool and battery lasts longer in the heat! Highly recommend this product!


This laptop cooler is essential for anyone who extensively works on a computer. I noticed a significant difference in temperature for my computer. It's light weight, easy to use, and does not make a loud noise when working. The lights are fun and it makes my computer higher off the table which may or may not be a bad thing depending on what you need. It's very light weight. I have to unplug it from my computer when I turn it on as it messes with the bootup but other than that I would absolutely recommend.


This is super cool Even play a game and not worry about your pc over heating. It has a great price it's totally worth it. Plus it has RBG LED lighting and it's really really smooth and it's not bright in your face it's just right


Light, portable and fits along with my laptop on a bag, it's got a speed dial and runs with no setup, the air flows good and it does keep my laptop from heating up.

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