Light of Throne Cube RGB Wall Lamp

Cube RGB Wall Lamp


  • LED light
  • Over 300 multicolor effects
  • Speed adjustment using remote control

An epic RGB lamp with over 1 million light colors to liven up your gaming set-up

A cube RGB wall lamp with a minimalist design. This square-shaped lamp will add a splash of color, creating a colorful and fun ambiance in your room. It’s an ideal lamp to enrich your gaming experience. With over 330 multicolor effects, a simple-line shape, and an aluminum finish frame making, it is more than just a lamp but also an aesthetic piece of décor. The rainbow-like color effects include a speed adjustment and can be controlled with a remote controller, making your room feel bright and elegant at the same time.
PC setup with Cube RGB Wall Lamp

A splash of color to your set-up

This RGB LED wall light is designed to create a colorful and fun ambiance to your gaming setup. It’s an awesome lamp for making your setup look fantastic or even for giving a cool background for the live streaming. 

Set your color

This simple square-shaped wall lamp comes with a rainbow light mode with over 1 million colors that you can change to your mood. With over 300 colorful effects to choose from, you can customize your own color.

Cube RGB Wall Lamp On Wall


  • Easy installation
  • RGB color changing
  • Over 1 million colors and 330+ million color effects
  • LED light system
  • Remote control to adjust speed and color modes
  • Aluminum material
  • Size: 40cmx40cm and cord length: 250cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

This light looks so perfect in any corner of a room. You can put against a wall, but it doesn't shine like it does in the corner. Been using now for two months and no issues installing the app as the remote. Love this light!


This is a fun lamp that it easy to set up, doesn't take up a lot of room, and has many different functions. Gave it to my teenager who agreed :)


I had a bit of a lighting problem. There's a corner in one of my rooms where my existing lights couldn't reach very well. And said corner is a bit of a tight fit, so I couldn't just add another standard pole lamp. This product is the perfect solution. The base is only a couple inches wide and the pole itself is even narrower, so it fits easily into a tight space. It's exactly what I needed, works exactly as described, and I can't recommend it highly enough.


This has quickly become my favorite lamp. Not only can you still use it as a regular lamp but there are so many different modes to satisfy almost everyone.


The floor lamp looks very nice. Easy to assembled. Have multi-color. Recommend

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