Light of Throne Arched RGB Floor Lamp

Arched RGB Floor Lamp


  • Built-in RGB LED Strip
  • 16 million color options and 358 kinds of light effects
  • Modern design

A Fantastic Lamp for Making A Colorful Setup

Light of Throne Arched RGB Floor Lamp

Style Your Gaming Room

This arched floor lamp has an unique shape that will add a touch of color to your setup. It has a cool design with smooth curves and a modern style that is perfect for pairing with your other gaming equipment. Because of the strong and sleek metal design, it is both sturdy and elegant enough to fit in the corner or next to your gaming table.

Color Your Setup

The lamp has 16 million color options and 358 different light effects that you can adjust to match your mood. You can modify the color and change the speed with the remote control. When you’re happy and energized, your room will reflect them.

Light of Throne Arched RGB Floor Lamp
Light of Throne Arched RGB Floor Lamp

Energy-Saving Lamp

The light source is a 20,000-hour-life RGB LED strip that may be used for up to 20 years. When compared to traditional light bulbs, which must be changed every time they burn out, LED technology saves you money and the environment.


  • Made of high-quality metal and aluminum
  • 16 million colors and 358 different light effects
  • LED lights
    Size: 32 x 120 x 170 cm
  • Easy installation

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

This light looks so perfect in any corner of a room. You can put against a wall, but it doesn't shine like it does in the corner. Been using now for two months and no issues installing the app as the remote. Love this light!


This is a fun lamp that it easy to set up, doesn't take up a lot of room, and has many different functions. Gave it to my teenager who agreed :)


I had a bit of a lighting problem. There's a corner in one of my rooms where my existing lights couldn't reach very well. And said corner is a bit of a tight fit, so I couldn't just add another standard pole lamp. This product is the perfect solution. The base is only a couple inches wide and the pole itself is even narrower, so it fits easily into a tight space. It's exactly what I needed, works exactly as described, and I can't recommend it highly enough.


This has quickly become my favorite lamp. Not only can you still use it as a regular lamp but there are so many different modes to satisfy almost everyone.


The floor lamp looks very nice. Easy to assembled. Have multi-color. Recommend

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