Cooling Down a Laptop: 5 Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

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It’s time to talk about this super important question – how to cool down a laptop?

Everyone knows that laptops can get pretty hot while they’re running. If you’ve ever touched the top of your laptop while it’s been running for a while, you know what we’re talking about. Even if you keep your laptop in a cool place, it can still get pretty hot. That’s because most laptops are made with a thin, plastic chassis and a large, powerful processor. The processors in laptops need a steady supply of cool air to run properly, and they get hot when they run too much. This can make it difficult to keep your laptop cool.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to help your laptop cool down. So, keep on reading to find out what they are!

how to cool down a laptop
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How to Cool Down Laptop

Leave the laptop in a well-ventilated area

When your laptop is plugged in and running, it’s drawing electricity. This will make it warmer than if it were sitting in a well-ventilated area. So, it’s important to keep your laptop away from other electronics and in a spot where there are a lot of air vents or open windows. If you have a laptop cooling pad, make sure it’s plugged in and angled toward the vents.

Turn off the laptop when it’s not in use

A major way to keep your laptop cool is by keeping it off when you’re not using it. When you’re not using your laptop, the fans inside the laptop are spinning at a high speed to keep it cool. This can make it even hotter. You can tell when your laptop is not in use when the screen goes blank and the fan stops spinning. You can also tell when your laptop is not in use when the power indicator light is off. When your laptop is not in use, turn it off. Leaving your laptop on when nobody is using it isn’t good for anyone. It wastes energy, takes up space, and can damage your laptop. Plus, you’re probably worried about it getting too hot.

Don’t put your laptop on your lap while it’s running

Heat is the enemy of electronics, and laptop heat is no different. If you’re using your laptop while it’s hot, it’s going to get warmer. And, the more time you spend on it, the more it’s going to get warm. This is especially true if you have your laptop on your lap. Laptops are heavy, so when you put them on your lap, their weight is supported by your upper body. But, when you rest your upper body on a laptop, it transfers the weight of your laptop to your legs, making it harder for you to keep your balance.

Keep track of how long your laptop has been running

A good way to keep your laptop cool is by making sure it’s not running when you’re not using it. If your laptop is closed while you’re not using it, it will draw less power than if it were open. Even better, closing your laptop will keep it cooler. You can keep track of how long your laptop has been open by opening the “System” app in your laptop’s menu. Under the “Apps” section, you’ll see a “Running Time” tab. Make sure you don’t leave this open while you’re not using your laptop.

Turn your laptop off at night

Just like your desktop computer, your laptop will get cooler as the day goes on. This is because the heat from the sun warms the air around it. The same is true at night. So, the best time to keep your laptop cool is late at night when the air temperature is cooler and there’s less sunlight. Of course, you don’t want to leave your laptop on all night. Leaving it on overnight can cause damage to your laptop, as well as cause sleep deprivation in your roommates. So, it’s best to turn your laptop off as soon as you go to bed.

RGB Cooling Pad
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Final Words on How to Cool Down a Laptop

Keeping your laptop cool is important because a hot laptop is harder to use. That’s why there are so many tips on how to keep your laptop cool. The most effective method of cooling down a laptop is by leaving your laptop closed while you’re not using it, keeping track of how long it’s been open, and turning it off when it’s not in use.

Leaving your laptop closed while you’re not using it might not be an option for everyone. Those of you who work long hours on their laptop will surely need a solution where they can work while the laptop stays cool. So, what can you do instead? Try getting a cooling pad instead. It’s totally worth the cost!

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