Optical Mouse vs Laser Mouse: What Are The Differences?

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When you’re looking to upgrade your computer setup, there are several components from which you can choose. From monitors and speakers to keyboards and mouses, there are a lot of pieces that go into creating the perfect desktop computer experience. Today we’ll be focusing on mouses and their various features. There are two main types of mouses: optical mouses and laser mouses. Which is better? Let’s see the differences between optical mouse vs laser mouse.

optical mouse vs laser mouse
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What is an Optical Mouse?

An optical mouse relies on a sensor that beams light towards the surface below the mouse. It also has an infrared light that is projected out from the bottom of the mouse to tell the computer where the mouse is positioned by recording its movements on the surface. An infrared LED projects light onto the area of movement for collecting analog information that is transformed into binary code, resulting in a digital image captured per second. 

Thereafter, these images are used to determine the precise location of the mouse in order to send the final data to the PC to locate the cursor on the computer screen, this is how optical mouse work. Also, one major drawback of optical mouse is that they lose efficiency on reflective surfaces.

What is a Laser Mouse?

A laser mouse can function in the same way as an optical mouse to track movement across a surface. However, the laser provides increased stability and sensitivity in comparison to the optical mouse. Laser tracking technology provides high tracking performance in FPS (First Person Shooter) games. An laser beam can offer a resolution above 8000 DPI or more, and it is invisible to the human eye. Laser mouse are excellent when working on glossy surfaces, providing more stability and sensitivity.

Optical Mouse vs. Laser Mouse: Which One Should You Buy?

Optical mouse vs Laser mouse, Choosing between them can be difficult if you aren’t sure how you plan to use it or if you are accustomed to a certain type. Laser mouse are particularly well-suited to businesses as they are versatile and usable on a variety of surfaces. Even if you work in different locations, your laser mouse will operate equally well on a variety of surfaces. Laser mouse are also great for on-the-go or at-home use. Since it is wireless, taking it with you in your bag is simple, which is a nice benefit for people using laptops when they travel.

Optical mice can provide excellent, very reliable results on mousepads. They are also a bit more economical. Since they are wired and connect to your computer via USB, you can use them with your home desktop computer for gaming and work. Optical mouse have become more sophisticated, and now perform with a high level of precision in a wide range of situations and contexts.

How to Pick The Right Mouse for You?

Now that we know the differences between the two types of mouses, we can look at their various features and decide which one is a better fit for each person’s needs. 

– Precision and Resolution: The resolution in optical mouse is almost a bit lower than in laser mice. Laser mouse have an average dpi range of 3,000, while optical mouse have an average dpi of 1,200. So, its up to you to choose. Did you need high dpi or not? Either a laser or an optical mouse now has the similarity on dpi.

– Design and Backlit: Laser mouse differ slightly from optical mouse in terms of their design and decoration. It means includes extra buttons and RBG backlighting. Some mouse feature ergonomic grips and RGB illumination in addition to extra buttons, but some users enjoy a rainbow-coloured mouse. Fortunately, optical and laser mouse manufacturers are both developing such features.

– Price: Laser mouses are more expensive than optical mouses. Laser mouse are typically medium and high-end mouse, and optical mouse are slightly cheaper than laser mouse in general. Laser mouse are particularly used for editing, designing, and games. 


When choosing between an optical mouse and a laser mouse, consider what you will be doing and which features are the most important to you. If you want a mouse that will work on many different surfaces and won’t get thrown off by a bit of dust, you’ll want an laser mouse. On other hand, optical mouse is better for price. Check our catalog for more product that may suit you.

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