Top 5 Best Wireless Controller for PC Gaming in 2022

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There are a lot of benefits to playing games on a PC (versus playing on a console). For example, you can play on a PC with a huge library of games and crank up the graphics to the highest setting. There are also some games that are just better with a wireless controller than a keyboard and mouse (although the default way to play is keyboard and mouse).

When you’re new to PC gaming and want to practice more, or if you prefer to play certain games using a wireless controller rather than a mouse and keyboard, you should pick the best Wireless Controller for PC that gives you the most value for your money. A high-quality PC controller can make a world of difference. There are many wireless controller options for PC gamers, but we’ve picked the best for you. Here you’ll find something for every type of player.

Why Use a Wireless Controller?

Most people assume that wired controllers are better than wireless ones. While this may have been true in the past, modern wireless controllers for PC gaming have come a long way. There are a few reasons why you might want to choose a wireless controller over a wired one. A larger number of the best wireless controller for PC gaming can connect to your computer wirelessly and with almost no lag.

For instance, if you like to play online multiplayer games, you probably already know that it’s a huge advantage to have a wireless controller since you don’t want your wired controller getting in the way and accidentally disconnecting while you’re playing a heated game! It also has more advantages if you like to play in your living room, a wireless controller is also a good option. It allows you to sit back and relax while still being able to play your favorite games on your TV. Wireless controllers also make it easier for you to play on your laptop since you don’t have to be as close to your desk to use one as you do with wired controllers.

What to Look for in a Wireless Controller

Choosing a wireless controller for the first time might be a little intimidating if you haven’t done so before. You’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you buy one. Your budget is important, so you must make sure you pick one that matches your budget. Next, you must choose the type of controller that you desire. There are many different types of wireless controllers, so make sure you pick one that feels good to you and that you think will enhance your gaming experience.

If you’re interested in playing specific games, such as Elden Ring with its half-baked mouse and keyboard controls, a wireless controller is your best option. Driving games, in particular, usually don’t feature pressure-sensitive key switches on keyboards, therefore a controller is your best option for accurate movement. 

Having the best wireless controller for PC, you no longer have to hunch over your gaming keyboard. With the right controller, you can get into a relaxed gaming session without hurting your posture.

The Best Wireless Controller for PC

1. Microsoft Xbox One Controller

Microsoft Xbox One Controller
Source: Xbox

The Xbox One controller builds on the excellent build quality and ergonomics of the Xbox 360 pad, making it the best all-around controller for any type of game. The D-pad on the 360 has changed from a disc-style design to a more conventional four-way cross, enhancing precision.

The sticks have been redesigned to reduce slippage and provide improved force feedback, thanks to a smooth center and rasped edge. The shoulder buttons are both comfortable to press and rest your fingers on, and the triggers rumble, providing excellent force feedback. The Xbox Guide button has been moved up and away from the center menu buttons to avoid accidental inputs.

Price: Start From $76.45

2. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
Source: Xbox

Everything about the Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller screams luxury. If you use it for more than ten minutes, you’ll understand why it at this list. The near-endless customization possibilities are a tremendous boon to gamers in terms of having total control over their play. The ability to adjust everything from d-pads to shift paddles to joystick tension is a fantastic benefit.

The Series 1’s lack of Bluetooth was heavily criticized, but the Series 2’s adoption of Bluetooth now gives you a market-leading PC controller and an Xbox streamer that pairs with a phone. Because the controller is now even more versatile, the high entrance cost is more than justified.

Price: Start From $154.99

3. Scuf Instinct Pro

Scuf Instinct Pro
Source: Scuf

Outside of Sony and Microsoft, Scuf doesn’t mess around with its pads. The Instinct Pro is the best pad controller for Microsoft fans who want to avoid the ‘big boys’ of console world. The Instinct Pro provides more customization alternatives than just about any other pad you can think of. You may select cosmetic and physical customization options from the Scuf store’s initial page. Scuf gives a large variety of options for customizing the faceplate as well as the thumbstick rings, which are the most evident. You may also pick your thumbstick length and coating (convex or concave).

Scuf’s Instinct Pro controller requires AA batteries, like standard Xbox pads, unlike the Elite, which has a lithium-ion battery. Mid-tournament battery swapping may be a selling point, and lithium-ion batteries are supposed to have a limited shelf life. 

Price: Start From $229.99

4. SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries Stratus Duo
Source: Steel Series

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is a jack-of-all-trades wireless controller that can serve as a primary controller for nearly any genre. It functions across Windows, Android, and certain VR devices. On PC, you can connect the included USB wireless adapter or Bluetooth then turn it on by flipping the switch on top. Once it’s set up, it functions like any other controller, and it also operates in Blizzard’s service.

The Stratus Duo is a low-cost option for competitive gaming because it lacks a rumble feature. It also provides nearly 20 hours of charge time thanks to its light weight. Players of first-person shooters, however, may prefer the haptic feedback provided by more expensive options.

Price: Strat From $59.99

5. 8BitDo Pro 2 Controller

8BitDo Pro 2 Controller
Source: 8BitDo

The 8BitDo Pro 2 controller is an absolute must-have if you are playing retro games on your PC. The SN30 Pro 2 controller was a successful update to 8BitDo’s SN30 Pro+ controller, and the Pro 2 improves on it by adding a handful of buttons, making the controller feel a bit more natural to hold in your hand, and giving it an overall sleeker look.

With 8BitDo’s bundled software, you can customize the controller buttons to get the same advanced functionality as the most sophisticated gaming controllers, but for less money.

Price: Start From $49.99

Bottom Line

Wireless controllers have become an essential part of PC gaming, especially for multiplayer titles and action-packed. While they are an excellent choice for those who are uncomfortable with traditional controllers such as the keyboard and mouse. Wireless controllers have the advantage over wired ones. They don’t get in the way and you can easily place them on a table or desk without worrying about getting tangled up. Moreover, you can use them with a laptop, which is otherwise difficult to do with a wired controller.

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