10 Best Halloween Video Games to Keep You Stay the Night in 2022

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Being immersed in a horror game is compelling in much the same way as watching a film or television show. Horror is one of the longest-lasting and most popular genres in video games. What makes horror video games unique is their ability to immerse you in the experience. Furthermore, you can actually feel the terror as you try to make it out unscathed rather than just watching it. Have you wondering, what is best Halloween video games to keep you stayed? read on!

It’s time to get spooked, and the video game industry never runs out of frightening and anxiety-provoking games. Some horror games are distinguished from the rest by their blend of subterfuges and treats. So, here we’ve collected 10 Best Halloween Video Games you can play on if you don’t want to leave the house.

10 best halloween video games to play

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1. Chernobylite

Ever had chills down your spine? That’s not radioactivity; it’s plain old terror. In Chernobylite, you must scavenge, fight, and survive in the Exclusion Zone. The storyline is also a bit romantic where your long-lost lover has been missing for over 30 years. Perhaps you will be slain by one of the radioactive monsters if sickness, starvation, or insanity don’t get you first.

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Chernobylite one of list from best halloween video gamese

Source: Chernobyl Game

2. Resident Evil Series

You just can’t go wrong with any Resident Evil game from this iconic horror series if you want to be scared. With the first released in 1996, the Resident Evil series has had some excellent remakes over the years, so you can be sure you’ll have permanent goosebumps on October 31st. This series will always be one of best Halloween video games.

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resident evil 2 game as one of best halloween video games

Source: Capcom

3. Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a horror game that’s been making waves on social media lately for a good reason. In the spirit of Five Nights at Freddy’s,Poppy Playtime sees you trapped in a damaged children’s toy company facility. You’re not alone. A homicidal animatronic that appears like a friendly character is trying to catch you. You must flee a mechanical machine that tries to keep a smile on its face even though it is homicidal.

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poppy playtime video game

Source: MOB Games

4. At Dead of Night

Despite the fact that full-motion video games are considered relics of the past, At Dead of Night takes a fresh and equally unnerving approach to using live-action video to frighten you. To escape a hotel manager who wants to make certain you do not leave alive, you must solve the mystery of what happened to several murdered guests while evading him. The game combines the eeriness of The Shining with the gameplay of Myst and Five Nights at Freddy’s, resulting in one of the most original horror experiences you’ve ever played.

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at dead of night video game

Source: Baggy Call Ltd.

5. The Evil Within 2

Within The Evil Within 2, a survival horror game set in a nightmare world plagued by hideous beasts, you’ll experience a variety of trippy dreamscapes reminiscent of those seen in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The world of The Evil Within 2 is slowly disintegrating as it decays away in an old inner psyche as you explore it to escape. One of the most frightening elements of The Evil Within 2 is the chance to discover what sort of creatures you’ll come across, such as a multi-armed individual with an antique camera on his head. You’ll have a lot of fun battling some of the game’s nastiest monsters, but the tension will be ratcheted up as you are surprised with some unexpected scares.

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the evil within 2

Source: Tango Gameworks

6. Carrion

Since The Thing’s release in 1984, there have been numerous films inspired by the movie, all of which put you in the role of a scientist or soldier defending against an alien invasion. Carrion, on the other hand, puts you in the monster’s position. A blob-like creature consumes people and grows larger, and you consume humans with your fleshy tentacles as you travel through each area. You use your tendrils to pull people into your gaping jaws as you slip into small pipes and crawl spaces to reach new locations. When you need to move quickly and smoothly, you’ll need to outmanoeuvre and outsmart humans as their arsenals expand from revolvers to flamethrowers. If you’d like to play the monster, Carrion is the game for you.

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carrion game

Source: Phobia Games Studio

7. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares games begin as a dark fairytale but quickly become darker and more ominous. The character’s connection to a larger, bleak, and surreal world is what makes these horror games so intriguing. As you’re processing the disturbing pictures, you’re confronted with some terrifying creatures, and you have to escape. These games may be frightening, but there’s something exciting about figuring out how to defeat them, which may result in some terrific moments in this narrative-driven horror game.

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little nightmares game to play on halloween

Source: Tarsier Studio

8. Blair Witch

Hold onto your flashlight as you enter the dark woods of the Black Hills Forest, where you will collect clues to find out what happened to a missing young boy. If monsters don’t make your heart beat faster than eerie sounds and unsettling dolls, you should be alright.

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blair witch game one of list from best halloween video games

Source: Blobber Team

9. The Dark Pictures Anthology Series

Instead of a single-player choose-your-own-adventure horror story, The Dark Pictures is a multi-part anthology based on the developer’s previous work on Until Dawn. As a result, The Dark Pictures is more similar to Black Mirror or American Horror Story, in that you choose the fates of characters struggling with paranormal forces. You and your friends can even enjoy a scary episode together with the Movie Night mode.

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the dark pictures anthology series game one of list from best halloween video games

Source: Supermassive Games

10. Devotion

Despite its troubled release history, Red Candle Games’ first Devotion is a masterclass in environmental storytelling. Devotion takes you on a journey through a house overrun by demonic forces, and the horror doesn’t lie in survival combat or jump scares, but rather a growing sense of dread as you discover more about the house’s former residents. Devotion demonstrates how to effectively use visuals in horror, and although it is not the most exciting video game in terms of interactivity, it is a wonderful example of how to utilise space in a horror story, one that is comparable to Amnesia.

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devotion game one of list from best halloween video games

Source: Red Candle Games

Final Words

Regardless of what you have planned for Halloween, any of these games will ensure that your night is spooky fun. There are many more than 10 best Halloween video games lists above to play, but in that list we focus on having a good mixture to choose from.
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