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The Light of Throne corner lamp is the next design in a series of LED lighting products.

The sharp and minimalistic design is as modern as it gets. This sleek lamp is fitted with long-lasting LEDs that allow for perfect lighting no matter the location.

Discover more about the collection of Light Of Throne - RGB Floor Lamp. As we pay attention to your needs on every corner, here Light of Throne comes with RGB Floor Lamp that is a standing mood lamp in sharp and minimalist design.

Light of Throne RGB Floor Corner Lamp

Fun Mood At All Times

We understand that your mood switches sometimes, yesterday was blue and today is a cheerful orange. The corner lamp that sticks with you will represent it all. A mood-changing lamp by Light Of Throne with a variety of solid colors and 358 lighting effects, allows you to switch to fit theme lighting according to different moods, vivid colors for you to create the most ideal light.

The Good Vibration Everywhere

The immerse light will follow you dance with the beat of your playlist. Greatly enhance your movies, karaoke nights, or gaming vibes. With a built-in high-sensitive mic, the LED corner lamp can sync to any music genre and light pulsates to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

Eye-Safe Light

With RGB lighting chasing, it offers you a marvWorry-free for switching OFF light at night but RGB Floor Lamp is ON for you, it is eye-safe light. With flicker-free that is soft for eyes. Enjoy the display of vivid lights that represent your mood for the living room, bedroom, workspace, or more.
lous working experience. Promote the memory setting driver, all keys programmable, you can set the lighting effect modes and create any macro, just set and all the settings be stored. No more freaking out of the darkroom.

Unrivaled Strong

Delivering you a lasting life product that spans the superior quality makes products stable and durable. Shaped of black aluminum metal lamp body that is strong, durable, and anti-rust. Made of the aluminum alloy lamp body and acrylic shades with built-in high quality 5050 LEDs deliver vibrant color and excellent brightness. RGB Floor lamp is 142 cm tall with a legs length of 40 cm only.

Light of Throne RGB Floor Corner Lamp

Ease of Installation & Control

Skip the hassle of screwdrivers and bolts, enjoy the installation process of the corner lamp in five minutes. Get control of the light by a single remote that is touch-sensitive, it is effortless control. You can adjust the brightness, color, effect, and speed as you want in a maximum gap of 30 meters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The floor lamp is beautiful. This doesnt take up space in my small apartment


We love this RGB floor lamp!! It's so pretty and makes our living room look amazing at night.


Awesome light and so well made! The light arrived in 2 days and was extremely well packaged. I am very pleased with it and totally recommend Light Of Throne


I love this floor lamp! So many color options for me to watch. It is a life safer for the one who is mood swing like me!


Great light, lightweight, thin ,ideal for the corners, lots of colour options and patterns ,easy to set up and came very quickly

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